AI powered digital chef to empower home chefs to cook better and reduce food waste

ChefGPT, is a digital companion for the kitchen powered by AI, our users have been raving about the userfriendliness and benefits of ChefGPT: helping lazy home chefs, and reducing waste.

ChefGPT is like having your own personal chef right at your fingertips with multiple features:

  1. 🥫 PantryChef: Classic ChefGPT. If you are stuck with what to make for dinner tonight, ChefGPT's PantryChef mode is here to help. Simply tell ChefGPT what ingredients you have on hand and it will generate a delicious recipe for you!
  2. 🧑‍🍳 MasterChef: Whether you're looking for a specific recipe or just in the mood for something new, ChefGPT's MasterChef mode has got you covered. Search for your favorite dishes or let ChefGPT suggest a recipe based on your cravings.
  3. 💪🏻 MacrosChef: Want to ensure you're getting the right balance of macronutrients in your meals? ChefGPT's MacrosChef mode generates recipes based on your specific macronutrient goals.
  4. 📅 MealPlanChef: Need help sticking to your fitness goals and dietary requirements? ChefGPT's MealPlanChef mode creates customized meal plans, tailored just for you.
  5. 🍷 PairPerfect: Take your meals to the next level with ChefGPT's PairPerfect feature. Get suggestions for the perfect wine or beer pairing to accompany your meal.
  6. 🛒 Shopping List: Generated a recipe you love? ChefGPT's shopping list feature allows you to easily add ingredients to your grocery list.

ChefGPT offers two plans:

  1. A free plan, with access to its PantryChef mode and the ability to generate up to 5 recipes per month.
  2. For those looking for unlimited access to all of ChefGPT's features, the Pro plan is just 2.99$ per month or 29.99$ per year with a 7 days trial period.

Our 150k users are finding ChefGPT as a valuable tool in the kitchen and meal planning journey. The goal of ChefGPT is to make cooking and meal planning effortless, convenient and fun.